Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BlackBerry starts updating Blackberry Playbook with 2.0 OS updates

After such a long time, finally BlackBerry understands to update it's Blackberry Playbook with 2.0 updates. Last year BlackBerry claimed after a big fall in market that it would update Playbook to v2.0, which bring new features in Playbook and now it seems BlackBerry is back on the track.

This OS v2.0 binds a big hope to BlackBerry which is going down for the past years. What new features are brought by v2.0 OS, lets take a look:
BlackBerry boys and girls have one complaint that they have very less apps and games to enjoy but now with new OS users can enjoy even android apps and games in BlackBerry Playbook.
Better social integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with contacts and calender,  
BlackBerry Bridge is the next big feature that is added with this users can communicate with Playbook by the help of Blackberry smartphones,  
Open Up is a feature in which allows users to open documents, photos and links from your BlackBerry smartphone onto your BlackBerry Playbook tablet with one click.